Sonada Upright Expandable Trolley Check-In Large Yellow

سعر البيع سعر Dhs. 549.00 سعر عادي Dhs. 1,099.00 سعر الوحدة  لكل 

شحن محسوبة عند الخروج.

Sonada was founded in 1982, it is an international brand and has numerous unique and innovative design.

Sonada stylish and durable designs can always highlight your luggage.

Choosing Sonada for your travel-ware should take you to a reliable and happy journey.

High quality zippers provide superior burst strength.
Fixed lock.
High impact resistance.
360 degree spinners providing superior maneuverability.
4 wheels spinners.
Expandable ( the expansion gusset adds more packing space ).
Light weight.
Water resistance.

Large 29* = 81 x 54.5 x 33 cm / 112 L / 4.85 kg