Lushberry Axel Collection Dove Pink Cabin

سعر البيع سعر Dhs. 999.00 سعر عادي Dhs. 1,668.00 سعر الوحدة  لكل 

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Lushberry has the ability of the latest manufacturing techniques of ultra light weight and the best quality of endurable travel goods. Premium luggage with modern and distinctive designed. Let Lushberry elevate your travel experience to a new height!

-Design/Shape: TRUNK Frame type
-Trolley Handle: Adjustable telescoping handle allow you to maneuver in tight spaces and provide effortless movement with Extra Large Reinforced aluminum alloy rod
-Lock: Built-in TSA with extra lock on the side handle for extra rigidness when carry sideway ; Lockset base plate for protection of lockset and better aesthetics
-Wheels: Patented by Japanese technology HINOMOTO and can be rotated 360 Degree Silent Double Spinner Wheels. Sturdy and durable material ensures long-lasting usage and safety.
-Interior Compartment: Fully lined nylon mesh interior compartment with mesh zipped divider zippered pockets for travel meets your different storage requirements