CLIFTON Check-In Medium, Navy

سعر البيع سعر Dhs. 875.00 سعر عادي Dhs. 1,350.00 سعر الوحدة  لكل 

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Our Clifton case is everything you could possibly want from a suitcase—each feature is designed to last longer and function better than ever before. With a design that packs a punch, this polycarbonate suitcase is strong, light on its feet and wheels like a dream.

Every suitcase is hand-finished with meticulous care. Clifton is colour-fast, so any inevitable scratches will stay true to the colour of the shell. Beautifully packaged, our Clifton case comes with a dust bag, and each size nests inside the next one up for easy storage.

Innovative, twist-grip handle
Expander zip
Weight 3.9kg
Packing capacity 75L
Expanded capacity 83L
Dimensions 67 x 45 x 30cm (includes wheels)
TSA combination lock
Lifetime warranty