Track Hard Suitcase Trolley Set of 3 with Beauty Case in White Color

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Track luggage has been established with the motto of comfort travel.

Track luggage manufactures and distributes a complete line of travel products to retail stores all over the world.

The products are manufactured with superb construction and have fabulous styles.

Innovation as a driving concept for the brand, with great development.

Great value and the ability to recognize and respond to the changing global market place is what gives Track the benchmark in the market.


Large: 75.5x50.5x30 CM
Medium: 67.5x44.5x25.5 CM
Cabin: 55x38.5x19.5 CM
Beauty Case: 35x28x17.5 CM


Large: 6 KG
Medium: 4.5 KG
Cabin: 3.6 KG
Beauty Case: 1.2 KG


Large: 103L
Medium: 69L
Cabin: 37L
Beauty Case: 15L

Note: Dimension and Measurements indicated on our hangtag are approximate.
Carry-On Size and Weight Allowances vary by each airlines