Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin Unbreakable Pixel Collection Carry On- Black

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Pierre Cardin has become a significant strong structure under generation's effort. The spirit of quality focuses deeply roots in the brand. Today, Pierre Cardin products have been sold worldwide in more than 100 countries and regions and will continue to deliver the best and most innovative travel products to worldwide travelers.

Pierre Cardin's collection is suited to all tastes and needs with its numerous products designed to meet a wide variety of traveler demands. The material is a unique combination of several materials coupled together with a base component in polypropylene.

External Features Shell:
Lightweight frame for easy carrying, Strong Structure and high impact resistance. Expandable main compartment Top, side and grab handle for easy handling.

The main and the zipper compartments let you separate your belongings. The straps help keep everything neatly organized and easily accessible.

100% Polypropylene

Four wheels, with 360-degree rotation for Super smooth easy maneuverability Lightweight.

3-digit TSA Lock:
Allows you to secure your case and the valuable items that are stored within so that you can enjoy your travel without worrying about your belongings.

The high-quality and durable double zipper is smooth and does not jam, and prevents the possibility of zipper breakage to the greatest extent.

Length x Width x Height- Centimeters

Large: 78.0x52.0x29.0CM
Medium: 69.0x45.0x26.0CM
Cabin: 55.5x38.0x20.0CM
BC: 35.0x29.0x18.0CM

Large29": 5.0
Medium24": 3.7
Cabin20": 3.0
Beauty Case14": 1.0